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Improving how others unstuck their power, potential and leadership or getting yourself unstuck?


What Makes Leadership AdvantEdge Different?

We Flip Your Classroom so that Learning is Transferred to the Workplace and Real Life We use the EDGE Development Framework so that You Get the Results You Want We Work with Geeks, Nerds, Scientists and Engineers (because they are the future)
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Coaching and Training Services 

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Hacking the Art and Neuroscience of Expert Leadership to:

Unstuck Your True Potential and Unleash Team Power for Unstoppable Performance

AdvantEdge Potential to Performance Assessment

Measure your Leadership Ability, Attributes and Agility against Successful Leaders

For Development Needs, Recruitment, Succession Planning and Performance 

Tech Leadership Programme

Bridging the Gaps for Tech Leaders in the Business

For Senior Tech Leaders and High Potentials in our Flipped Classroom

PIMP My Presentation

Become an Exceptional and Engaging Presenter

1-2-1 or Small Group Coaching in our Flipped Classroom. Especially designed for Nerds, Geeks, Engineers and Introverts

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AdvantEdge Online Guides and Courses


AdvantEdge Guides

Buy and instantly download these PDF Guides on specific Leadership topics that hack the art and neuroscience of expert leadership top unstuck your true potential

AdvantEdge Online Courses

Online Courses designed to develop your leadership competencies in tiny little increments over a given period of time. Supported through email, members only forum and TouchPoint coaching.

  • Leadership AdvantEdge

    “Dr John is a very sincere and perceptive coach and mentor. He combines theory and practical application perfectly and is able to relate to people and draw their inner issues out so that he can help and coach them. I personally enjoyed his sessions and found it very helpful for reassessing my approach to life in general and overcoming setbacks or roadblocks in my life. With his help, I was able to find inner peace and develop a more positive and enlightened approach to my career and personal relationships. More importantly, he has inspired me to help others too.”

    Associate Director, Temasek

  • Leadership AdvantEdge

    “Great training session by John illustrated the concepts of leadership clearly and provided very practical steps to being a good leader and frameworks to lead from the middle to overcome difficult situations at work. Would highly recommend this training to everyone!”

    Associate Director at Temasek

  • Leadership AdvantEdge

    “John was an instrumental influence in role transition, allowing me to break down barriers and become more self-aware during our coaching sessions. John is both sincere and inspirational whist guiding you along the invaluable journey of finding your authentic self!”

    Head of Internet of Things Northern Europe, Vodafone IoT

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